Yes to the Alps Initiative

20 February 1994
Against the Federal Council and parliament
Against the Federal Council and parliament

The Alps Initiative association scores a surprise victory with its popular initiative. It is launched in 1989 in the highly symbolic surroundings of the Schöllenen Gorge. (undated, Keystone)

In 1994, 52 per cent of voters back the Alps Initiative. It calls for the Federal Constitution to protect the Alpine region from the negative impact of traffic and forbid the expansion of through roads. Additionally, traffic is to be shifted from road to rail. The decision accelerates the development of the NRLA and shapes the 1999 transport agreement with the European Community.

« The Alps Initiative paves the way for a forward-looking approach to transport policy in Switzerland and Europe. »

Initiative founders, Comments on the referendum of 20.04.1994, p. 15

Land der 100 Täler

1963, Swiss Federal Archives

Land der 100 Täler

The land of 100 valleys, 1963 (Swiss Federal Archives)

42 original members

of the group launching the Alps Initiative

2038 heavy goods vehicles

using the Gotthard road tunnel daily in 1990

4.1 per cent

average annual growth in goods traffic through the Alps during the 1980s

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