The tunnel plan

19 June 1970
Many routes lead to Milan
Many routes lead to Milan

In the 1960s, experts examine a number of options (in red) for tunnels through the Alps. Meiringen plays a prominent role in their plans. (1971, Swiss Federal Archives)

In 1970, having examined six options, the «Rail Tunnel through the Alps» commission comes out in favour of building a Gotthard Base Tunnel. It points to Switzerland's prominent position as a European transit country and recommends a swift start to construction. It sees an urgent need to increase capacities, especially for international through traffic. The route through the Alps should be funded as «part of an economic policy for the whole of Switzerland».

« The fundamental question is whether Switzerland can maintain its current standing in a unifying Europe. »

«Rail Tunnel through the Alps» commission, Concluding report, 22.06.1970
6 options

considered by the study group: upgrading the Lötschberg line to two tracks Option, building a Lötschberg Base Tunnel, building a Gotthard-West rail line, building a Gotthard Base Tunnel, building a Tödi-Greina rail line, building a Splügen rail line.

1.383 m cars

registered in Switzerland when the commission delivers its report in 1970; 66,364 cars when the commission was set up in 1962.

98.3 per cent

of goods transport handled by rail (1960: 99.7%, 2013:74.1%)

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