Historians and the NRLA

«Stubbornness or rethink»?

Historians have not yet turned their attention to the NRLA – with the exception of Markus Höschen’s book from 2007. (2008, Publisher Peter Lang)

The old Gotthard railway has been extensively researched by historians. But what about the NRLA? The first study of it is compiled by an engineer, who focuses on the chronology and the Federal Administration. Weighing in at almost four kilogrammes, the volume from the University of Lugano’s Academy of Architecture focuses on landscape, theory, technology, geography and also history. There are also volumes of photographs and publications rehashing the familiar tropes of Switzerland as nation united by choice and the cult of technology. The only academic history of the NRLA yet published comes out in 2007. It is entitled «Nationaler Starrsinn oder ökologisches Umdenken? Politische Konflikte um den Schweizer Alpentransit im ausgehenden 20. Jahrhundert. » («National Obstinacy or Environmental Rethink? Political conflicts surrounding Alpine transport in Switzerland in the late 20th century»). It was written by the German historian Markus Höschen at the University of Paderborn.

« Alpine transit is an example of how the resources of democracy are exploited to the full in Switzerland. »

Federal Office of Transport, Notes, undated

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