No to the EEA

6 December 1992
The birth of a leader
The birth of a leader

The narrow vote against joining the EEA in 1992 shocks the political establishment and liberal opinion. Swiss People’s Party National Councillor Christoph Blocher emerges as the successful leader of the «no» campaign. (1992, Keystone)

On 6 December 1992, Swiss voters reject joining the European Economic Area, with 50.3 per cent against along with 14.5 of the cantons. The decision has implications for the NRLA and the issue of how goods traffic is to be transferred from road to rail. The European Economic Community demands a renegotiation of the transport policy decisions already agreed. In 2000, parliament approves the «bilateral agreements».

« A new European reality will emerge in 1993. »

Federal Council, Comments on the referendum

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