Environmental policy turnaround

6 June 1971
The apocalypse in a tram
The apocalypse in a tram

Poor air quality harms both humans and animals. But the mother remains a stern disciplinarian. A work of criticism, the photomontage champions environmental protection. (1971-1980, Swiss Social Archives)

In 1971, 93 per cent of voters back the inclusion of a new article on environmental protection in the Swiss Constitution. Its aim is to protect human beings and the natural environment against damage. The overwhelming support reflects a new awareness of ecological issues: many view the mass motorisation of road traffic as a negative development. As a result, major railway projects stand a good chance of gaining majority approval. The successful NRLA campaigns of the 1990s also focus on forest dieback, protection of the Alpine environment, and shifting traffic from road to rail.

« Is continued economic growth desirable or not? »

Minutes of the 16 October 1972 meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Group for Environmental Protection Issues in Relation to International Organisations, 16.10.1972

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