Adjustments go unnoticed

13 June 1999
The unknown NRLA
The unknown NRLA

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the showpiece of the NRLA, but the project also includes other measures, such as an upgrade of the Zurich-Thalwil line. The model shows the area around Lochergut in Zurich. (1997, Keystone)

Following decisions on the construction (1992), timetabling (1996) and financing (1998) of the NRLA, in 1999 the Federal Council makes regional and transport policy adjustments that are important but little noticed by the public. It brings forward certain construction projects, such as the twin-track tunnel from Zurich to Thalwil and stretches of track between St. Gallen and Arth-Goldau. The driving force behind this process is Rail Reform 1. It involves the cantons more closely, as the bodies ordering and paying for rail services. The overlaps between Rail 2000 and the NRLA are important. In some cases they are linked together via the approach routes.

« The decision on bringing the Ceneri tunnel forward is postponed until third parties have answered the questions regarding the tunnel system and funding. »

Federal Council, Decision on start of construction for phase 2, 14.06.1999

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