Yes to the Ceneri Base Tunnel

16 December 2003
Intense discussions
Intense discussions

Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger strongly backs funding for the NRLA. He is seen talking to SVP National Councillor and transport entrepreneur Ulrich Giezendanner. (2004, Keystone)

On 17 December 2003, the Council of States follows the National Council in approving the additional loan and the partial release of blocked funding for the second phase of construction. The Ceneri Base Tunnel can now be built. In the heated debate, Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger describes the tunnel as an indispensable component of the Gotthard axis, stating: «This is the only way to make the railway a flat line between Basel and Chiasso.»

« Forward-looking solution with regard to southern and northern continuation »

Federal Office of Transport, PowerPoint presentation (result)
2.6 bn Swiss francs

cost of the Ceneri Base Tunnel as forecast by the NRLA supervisory delegation in 2014

4'000 tonnes

maximum load goods trains can carry through the Ceneri Base Tunnel, the last major element of the new north-south link, without traction assistance

22 minutes

future journey time from Locarno to Lugano (reduced from 55 minutes)

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