Pressure from the environmental movement

20 April 1993
Ecological oases
Ecological oases

The new rail lines slice their way through the landscape. Under pressure from the environmental movement, «renaturalisation» is carried out to make up for the impact, here in Uri. (2009, Alptransit Gotthard Ltd)

In 1993, environmental organisations, the Department of Transport, Communications and Energy, and the Federal Office of Transport discuss unresolved questions relating to the NRLA. The «construction project of the century» throws up a number of controversial issues: how much environmental protection is possible and necessary; how can environmental organisations influence the choice of route; how are the public to be kept informed about the planning process? A key platform for the debate is the environmental working group.

« Based on hearsay, it seems highly likely that the limits will be exceeded. »

Vincenzo Gianella, Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (management, Head of Environmental Impact Assessments), Minutes of the discussion at the environmental workshop on the Lötschberg axis on 19 February 1993 (air quality)
600 m Swiss francs

spent on environmental and resettlement measures in construction

3.1 m square metres

of woodland maintained by Swiss Federal Railways along its rail lines

5 per cent

of the cost overrun on the Gotthard NRLA made up by project improvements for the benefit of local residents and the environment

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