Ceneri, the third base tunnel

Another stage successfully completed
Another stage successfully completed

The opening in 2020 of the Ceneri tunnel – the third NRLA base tunnel after the Lötschberg and the Gotthard – will mark the completion of this mammoth project. In 2016, workers celebrate the north-eastern breakthrough of the Ceneri. (2016, Alptransit Gotthard Ltd)

The Ceneri Base Tunnel will open at the end of 2020, 28 years after the first geological surveys were carried out. By the end of 2015, some 31,113 metres have been excavated, and 99.7% of driving is complete. Around 1,000 people are working on the construction sites. With the Ceneri Base Tunnel, which connects the north and south of Ticino, the NRLA Gotthard axis becomes a flat line, with its highest point just 550 metres above sea level.

« With regard to most of the routes examined, there is no reason to question the feasibility of the project. »

A. Baumer, Gotthard south, Ceneri section, inspection work, 21.05.1992

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