The Federal Council reaches out to the people

Europe needs Switzerland!

The promoters of the NRLA focus much of their campaigning for the transport project on rural areas. (August 1999, Keystone)

Reichenbach im Kandertal, 16 March 1990: the parish hall is packed and Ogi has arrived. The route to the NRLA is paved with briefing events intended to inform and convince. Federal Councillors and high-ranking officials from the Federal Administration step up to present the project and counter any objections. In particular, Adolf Ogi, and Fritz Bürki and Hans Rudolf Isliker from the Federal Office of Transport, tirelessly set out the case in favour. The key narrative underlying all their arguments is that Switzerland needs the NRLA and Europe needs Switzerland.

« Infrastructure efforts and technical progress give cause for confidence that we can achieve an environmentally sustainable transport system in the coming millennium. »

Fritz Bürki, Speech, undated

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