The 5.4-billion stage

19 March 2009
The cost of safety
The cost of safety

Initial estimates of the cost of the NRLA stand at 12 billion francs. In 2009 Parliament approves a further 5.4 billion. Most is spent on safety and technology. (2009, Federal Office of Transport)

In 2003 Parliament is told that the roughly 15 billion francs (1998 prices) now earmarked for the NRLA will not be enough. In 2007, the Federal Council therefore submits an "Overview of the construction and financing of public transport infrastructure projects". The cost of the NRLA is now estimated at around 19 billion; though this figure is based on the removal of the Zimmerberg Base Tunnel, the Hirzel tunnel and other approach routes from the NRLA plans. These will, however, be built later as part of the Future Development of the Rail Structure (ZEB). In March 2009 Parliament increases the credit facility for the newly rescaled NRLA to CHF 19.1 billion, and approves 5.4 billion for the ZEB. Financing for the NRLA is finally secured.

« The construction of the NRLA requires more funds than have so far been allocated to it. »

Federal Council, Dispatch, 17.10.2007
46.6 percent

of the public transport infrastructure fund approved in 1998 used for the NRLA.

42.5 percent

of the public transport infrastructure fund used for Rail 2000.

7.1 percent

of the public transport infrastructure fund used for noise protection along the rail lines.

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