17 December 1998
Group portrait with hard hat
Group portrait with hard hat

The NRLA supervisory delegation regularly visits the construction site to monitor progress. In 1994 it inspects the Gotthard Base Tunnel near Sedrun. (2004, Alptransit Gotthard Ltd)

The NRLA supervisory delegation of the Federal Assembly convenes for its first meeting on 18 December 1998, chaired by Hans Danioth, a member of the Council of States from Uri. It assumes «overall supervision» of the NRLA project and monitors whether the Federal Council and Administration are working efficiently and in accordance with the law. The delegation provides updates on the status of the work and costs in its annual reports.

« Parliamentary supervision covers every administrative action taken by the Federal Council and the offices supervised by the latter. »

P. Danioth, Internal memo to H. Werder, 20.01.1999

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