Green light for the network option

19 February 1995
A country full of holes
A country full of holes

The NRLA adds at least three tunnels to Switzerland’s already impressive collection. With all the access tubes and tunnels for cars, little is left of the famous Swiss cheese except for its holes. (2011, enotrac Engeneering)

In 1995 the Federal Council confirms the NRLA as part of a network option incorporating the construction of the Gotthard and Lötschberg Base Tunnels. It instructs the Department of Finance to develop a new funding model. President of the Confederation Kaspar Villiger, Federal Councillors Adolf Ogi and Otto Stich brief the public.

« With their decision of 4 October 1991 regarding the construction of the Swiss rail link through the Alps, the Councils approved the concept comprising two new transit axes. »

Federal Department of Transport, Communications and Energy, Consultation document for the Federal Council, 13.02.1995

The Swiss tunnels

2016 (Swisstopo)

2016 (Swisstopo)

2016 (Swisstopo)

0.3 per cent

of gross domestic product spent annually on building the NRLA

2 times

increase in goods traffic through the Alps over the next 25-30 years, according to the Federal Council’s projections

3-4 m truckloads

additional yearly capacity for goods transport through the Alps created by the NRLA

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