Yes to public transport funding

29 November 1998
On track for the future
On track for the future

The Swiss rail workers’ trade union launches the campaign for public transport funding with a referendum locomotive. (1998, SBB Historic)

In 1998 voters and a majority of the cantons approve the Federal Decree on the Construction and Financing of Public Transport Infrastructure Projects. Modernisation and expansion of the rail infrastructure is secured. A fund is created, with money coming from VAT, oil taxes, the heavy vehicle fee and loans from the Confederation. Over the next twenty years, 30.5 billion francs (1995 figures) are to be made available for Rail 2000, the NRLA, linking eastern and western Switzerland to the European high-speed network, and noise reduction measures. The NRLA is to receive 13.6 billion.

« The scope of the NRLA should be revised. »

Public Transport Funding working group, «Construction and Funding of Public Transport Infrastructure report», p. 4, 20.02.1998
64 per cent

«yes» vote to secure funding

30.5 bn Swiss francs

approved by the electorate for upgrading rail infrastructure over a 20-year period, including 13.6 billion for the NRLA

55 per cent

of the 30.5 billion Swiss francs to come from the heavy vehicle fee, 10 per cent from oil tax and 19 per cent from VAT

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